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Shrubs can be planted during any season in Florida. However, local seasonal fluctuations in temperature, rainfall, and other environmental conditions could influence shrub establishment. Planting under hot, sunny, dry conditions- typical of the spring or fall in Florida- may reduce shrub vigor and slow establishment unless regular irrigation.

Aug 22, Unfortunately, our midwestern climate is unpredictable, and even the toughest plants may die if fall or early winter weather is severe or erratic.

This article originally appeared in the August 22, issue, pp.

But if healthy, vigorous plants are chosen, if proper post-planting care is given, and if slow-to-establish species are avoided, fall planting of trees and shrubs can be as successful as spring planting. The warm days and cool nights in fall make it the perfect season to plant shrubs, giving them time to settle in and spread their roots before going dormant in winter.

Moderate autumn temperatures make it easier on a hard-working gardener, too. This is the time to plant Knock Out roses, known for disease resistance and constant color.

Be sure to choose a location with morning treetrim.pwg: Quincy FL. May 10, Plant flowering quince shrubs in well-drained loam soil for the best flowering display. An overly alkaline soil pH can lead to problems with chlorosis, so keep the soil pH slightly acidic or neutral.

These plants can be grown in clay and sandy soils but may be less vigorous.​ Mature Size: ft. tall, ft. wide. Sep 20, The Gardening Calendar gives Florida gardeners a monthly guide for what to plant and do in their gardens and includes links to useful gardening websites, all based on University of Florida research and expertise. Three different editions of the Gardening Calendar provide specific tips for each of Florida’s climate zones--North, Central, and. This is a plant that is simple to care for.

It can mature to a height of about eight feet. It can grow in full to partial sun, and it likes soil that is slightly acidic. Blooms can be red, orange, yellow, and white from summer to fall. Croton. Crotons are shrubs that can grow up to six feet. 12 Fast-Growing Shrubs to Plant This Fall Though spring is traditionally the biggest season for planting, fall is a great time to get in new shrubs.

When planted at least a few weeks before the Missing: Quincy FL. Plant specs. A fast grower, this shrub is cold-hardy and grows anywhere in South Florida.

It is not wind-tolerant, however, so choose a planting area protected from winter winds. Though it can reach 5 or 6 feet, this plant can be kept 3 feet tall. It's evergreen - though it can thin a bit if winter is harsh. Planting Time for Perennials & Shrubs. Fill your garden with shrubs and perennials. Shrubs are woody plants that grow year-round and are either deciduous, losing their leaves in fall, or treetrim.pwg: Quincy FL.

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