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Sep 21, Citrus trees are a tropical tree that thrives in warm, mild climates.

While citrus trees will thrive on their own without any additional pruning, occasionally branches must be pruned. The best time of year for pruning citrus is early spring, before the tree begins growing again.

In particular, branches that are encroaching on structures, touching the ground, crossing other branches or have been damaged by frost should be removed.

Examine the tree and determine which branches require pruning. Jan 26, Use a February pruning to remove weak and entangled limbs plus shoots sprouting from below the graft union. Reshape the tree as needed, cutting the limbs. Jan 12, Trimming the tree too early may make it susceptible to cold and if you wait too long, the tree commences growth that would be unnecessarily removed. The best time to prune a citrus tree Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

Fertilizing correctly should lessen the need to prune overly vigorous vegetative shoots.

Feb 04, The professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville are experienced in working with all types of trees including citrus trees. Unlike a lot of other trees, citrus trees do not require a lot of pruning.

Overzealous pruning will result in a weak tree with poor fruit production. Less is always better when it applies to pruning. Nov 20, Mature citrus trees do not require pruning except to remove serious disease or freeze damage. Unnecessary pruning often will reduce fruit production. When citrus are young, fertilizer will stimulate vigorous growth of leaves and branches.

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