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Look for leading branches and what you're trying to do.

To start a basic espalier simply take your young ( year old) fruit tree and prune away all but two even branches that may be lightly pulled down to the lowest wire and tied in the middle and end. You are training these branches to grow treetrim.pwted Reading Time: 40 secs.

For example, apples are a common espalier plant.

Feb 07, Espalier trees are trained to grow flat against a wall or fence. They have a very artistic form and structure.

Maintaining that form is important in the long. Here are Four Steps to Summer Pruning Espaliers. Down All Top Growth. Before you start pruning your espalier might look like this. Lots of long wippy shoots growing upwards. You should cut all the top growth down by about half so that you can see more clearly what you’re doing. Jun 10, Love homegrown fruit, but have a small yard? Why not try to espalier fruit trees on a sturdy trellis.

This ancient technique allows for a full harvest in a s. 3. All growth except the two strongest shoots is cut away and these are tied down to the bottom of the wire in winter. the end of the second year, things should look a bit like this. tips are tied down again ad all growth cut away except the one upright that will grow up to the top wire.

Cutting back the remaining branches will also encourage new growth, which is super important if you want the tree to fruit! The middle stem (or central leader) should be allowed to eventually reach the top wire, or wherever you would like the top of your espalier to be, but, when planting, cut this middle stem back to the second wire, leaving buds facing the wire.

Jun 22, Keeping your fruit trees in check with their summer pruning starts NOW. For me that means it's apple espalier pruning time. My espaliers are in their 5th year and I'm still using the basic principles of pruning AND I'm seeing the results. You're supposed to prune your apple trees during.

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