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These trees also give you crops over an extended period.

} The first rule for pruning plums is this: Never prune plums in the winter! This is because of the risk of a disease known as Silver Leaf which attacks the tree and can cause huge damage.

When the tree is pruned in the summer months, the growth is strong and the sap is flowing and this prevents the disease from entering the pruning wound. European Plum trees branch less freely and must be pruned carefully when young to encourage a good framework of branches lower down. Once this is established just cut back new growth to 60 cms and remove any crossed branches. If you never pruned your Plum tree it would not matter. The tree would crop well but just grow large and sprawling.

Apr 13, There are many reasons to prune plum trees, and the relevance of these reasons will depend on factors such as the age of your tree and the time of the year. Pruning in early spring stimulates new growth. You prune in summer to restrict the size of Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Nectarines, peaches, almonds and plums - w e recommend to prune stone fruit trees in late summer after fruiting has finished, however it can be done in early-mid autumn if necessary.

If you do prune in autumn protect cut reliable stump grinding, Molino FL with a water based paint or pruning paint to seal the wound and pruning old plum trees nz disease entering.

Jun 13, Stonefruit, such as plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines, need to be pruned into what's called a vase shape, or open centre. Having an open. Jul 12, Normally July to August is the recommend time for pruning plum trees if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, so just to be safe you might want to wait another couple of weeks.

Prune out the affected branch, and if the tree is quite overgrown it may be worth thinning it a little to improve airflow.".

Need a quote to prune a peach tree yrs old.

Jul 21, Pruning citrus trees by removing diseased or dead wood. Also cut out any crossed branches that are rubbing. Thin some small fruits on early-season stone (apricots, plum and peach) and pome (apple and pear) fruit trees to improve the quality and size of the remaining fruit. Passionfruit vines can be pruned in mid- to late spring. Jul 17, The rule of thumb is to remove only 20 per cent of the tree size at any one time, so if a significant prune is required it may actually be best to stage the process over several years.


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