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May 17, There can be numerous reasons why a plum tree drops its fruit before it ripens: insects, disease, high winds, and stress (too much water, too little water, lack of nutrients, poor drainage, weed Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs.

Lack of pollination or brown rot could be the cause. Plum trees are very particular about their pollinators. They are generally not self-fruitful meaning they need a different plum and often a specific variety for pollination and fruit development.

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If the plums were not full size and lacked a seed (stone) this was the Missing: Maitland FL. Sep 21, Several types of fungi may attack the fruit of the plum tree and either damage or ruin the plums, causing an early fruit drop. Regular applications of fungicide control brown rot and other common fungal diseases.

Regular cleanup of fallen fruit and a thorough pruning of diseased branches during the winter also reduce the impact on the treetrim.pwg: Maitland FL. Plum trees are susceptible to fungi, bacteria, viruses and nematodes.

Damage to the tree may cause a decline in fruit quality or viability and fruit may drop. In addition to fruit drop, indications Missing: Maitland FL.

Jun 27, Extreme cold during flowering will cause the blooms to drop too early, and a plum tree fails to bear fruit. Freezing temperatures before blooms open will also kill the flowers. Without flowers, you will have no fruit. Insects that chew the terminal ends, shoots and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 22, If the blossoms, fruit, and/or twigs and branches of your plum tree are covered with a dark brown slime, it is probably infected with the fungus known as brown rot (Monilinia fructicola).

Brown rot will cause the plums to become soft and shriveled, and eventually drop off the tree. Remove and destroy infected fruit in late summer or treetrim.pwg: Maitland FL. Apr 07, Problems with plum trees are many and diverse, resulting from wind spread virus, bacterial, and fungal spores also distributed by splashing water.

Weed control and proper spacing are closely tied to irrigation and fertility issues.

Plum tree diseases may slow or stop production of the fruit crop. As such, control plum disease at the first opportunity after discovery for the health of your fruit producing plum treetrim.pwg: Maitland FL. Freezes, wind and hail can cause fruit drop as well as other types of damage to trees and their fruit.

If you expect a frost or freezing temperatures in your area during the growing season, you can cover your tree with sheets and even wrap holiday lights around it for extra insulation and treetrim.pwg: Maitland FL. May 14, Lack of pollination may be the result of cold or wet weather during the bloom period, or by a lack of honey bees.

Also, if there is freezing weather just before the flower buds open, more fruit drop may occur. Other adverse weather conditions may also contribute to fruit treetrim.pwg: Maitland FL.

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